Why Gossypium makes great pregnancy clothing

Written by Lucy Cunningham on July 12 2018

Ask any mum for the secret that saw her through her final trimester, and she’ll very likely say a comfy pair of trousers. As your bump grows and your body changes, finding clothes that fit and suit you becomes harder. Wearing the same old pair of tracksuit bottoms is out – you still want to look good! – but you want that same level of comfort.

We’re proud that a lot of our Gossypium clothing makes excellent maternity wear. Some key factors in the design, features and cut of our trousers and new loose-fit tops means you can relax and play in style right up until your baby arrives. Plus, because our clothing isn’t only pregnancy clothing, it retains its shape and style and can remain a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Pregnant and feeling the heat? Our recent Loungewear launch has been a particularly welcome addition for those mums-to-be who have been struggling in the high summer temperatures. Featuring soft, flowing styles cut from the finest ethical lightweight fabric, our Loungewear trousers and tops are perfect for pregnancy and beyond.

Here’s why Gossypium makes great pregnancy clothing:

  • The best ethical fabrics – caring about your baby starts early and Gossypium ensures that the clothes you wear against your bump are natural and pesticide-free. Our signature blend of 100% organic cotton and beechwood fibre (which has a feel like bamboo but is more ethically sound) means you can reap the benefits of pure, healthy fabric against your skin.
  • Our fabulous fold-over waistband – it’s one of the things we’re famous for and first appeared on a pair of Gossypium trousers way back in 2002. Perfect for pregnancy trousers, the fold-over can be worn up and over the bump or folded underneath. The fold-over makes for fantastic soft post-natal trousers too, including if there’s been surgery.
  • New longer-fit tunic tops – our new Loungewear collection has THE BEST MATERNITY TOPS! Designed longer at the back, they skim over bums and hips with an artful box pleat adding flow. You can choose from long or short sleeve and two styles of neckline.
  • Kind to the planet and feels good – cheap and nasty fabrics not only feel unpleasant on sensitive skin, but they’re an ethical nightmare. We want to be part of the solution and look after the planet our children will inherit which is why Gossypium clothing is built to last.
  • Cool and breathable – our signature fabric blend ensures your skin can breathe and helps to maintain a healthy body temperature.
  • Range of gorgeous eye-popping colours – you don’t need to minimise your love of colour just because you’re pregnant (although we do do flattering favourites such as bestselling Velvet Black; Antique Grey and Jeans Blue too!)… Gossypium clothing comes in many beautiful hues.
  • CUSTOMISABLE LEG LENGTH – we’ll just say that again, we offer customisable leg length! Because we make every item from scratch here in our UK workshop, we can cut your trousers to the length you’d like. Tall or small, we make them to fit YOU.

So if you’re looking for pregnancy clothes that feel and look good, we’re right here!