What to pack for a yoga retreat - our top tips

Written by Lucy Cunningham on June 15 2017


You’re all booked up and fizzing with excitement, but now you’ve got to pack a suitcase! Whether you’re going to be doing Ashtanga in Greece, immersing yourself in India's cultural heritage, or slipping away for a mindfulness retreat down the road, here at Gossypium we’ve got you covered.

We love a yoga retreat – a chance to re-commit to our practice; learn, explore and play in the company of like-minded people. We always come away feeling recharged and ready to bring the essence of yoga into our everyday lives – which in turn makes us a better partner, parent, friend etc. Rather than an indulgence, we consider getting away from the rush and bustle of life now and again something of a necessity.

If it’s your first retreat, you might be wondering what on earth to take with you. Even if it’s your hundredth – or you’re teaching the retreat – soft, comfortable and ethical yoga clothes can make all the difference to your enjoyment levels.

Here’s our list of clothing essentials:

  1. Yoga trousers

You’ll want a pair or two of really good quality, soft and stretchy yoga trousers. Our range at Gossypium offers classic, slim leg, harem style, and wide leg, all featuring our quintessential fold-over waistband. We’ve been making our yoga trousers since 2002 and our customers come back year on year because of the style, fit and ultimate comfort. Our trousers are fantastically comfortable for travelling in, and our harems with their soft ankle cuffs are ideal for a long plane journey. 

  1. Capris

It’s worth taking a couple of capris and/or yoga shorts if you’re headed somewhere hot – or hoping for sunshine in the UK! Well constructed opaque capris can be hard to come by in the UK’s throwaway fashion culture. That’s why we designed Gossypium capris to last, using strong, stretchy, ethical fabric (that’s never see-through) in a range of mouth-watering colours. All our capris and shorts feature a gusset so you can take your lunges to the limit without worrying.

  1. Vests

These will be your wardrobe staple especially if you’re headed somewhere glorious and sunny. We have a range of different vests, from our stylish racer-back sports vest to our oh-so-comfy seamless V-neck vest. Our cropped vests are perfect for hot yoga, or for taking your practice down to the beach.

  1. Hoodie or sweatshirt

Coming together of an evening to share food and stories with your fellow yogis is part of what makes a retreat so memorable. Having a few warmer tops to slip over your yoga clothes is essential, and you can’t go far wrong with our super snugly hoodies and sweatshirts made with 100% organic cotton fleece. To feel our signature Gossypium cotton is to love it! Our hoodies are a cosy close fit, while our sweatshirts are looser in style, but both are perfect for adding extra warmth of an evening.

  1. And not forgetting the guys...

Our range of Men’s Yogawear includes stylish drawstring yoga shorts with customisable leg length,  yoga trousers which stretch with you as your yoga practice deepens, plus t-shirts and vests in a kaleidoscope of colours. Many of our male customers have a pair of shorts in several different colours so they can match their yoga practice to their mood!


All Gossypium clothes are made to order here in our UK workshop. That means we can fully customise them to your specifications – tall or small, we can make your clothes just for you. With a delightful range of colours to choose from, all crafted in soft, ethical fabric, we know you’ll love your Gossypium yoga clothes for many years to come.

Plus - order £100 worth of yoga clothes and get one of our 100% organic cotton yoga hand towels, dyed with natural vegetable-based dyes. 

Wishing you a wonderful retreat full of love, laughter and expansion!