What to look for when you buy leggings

Written by Lucy Cunningham on June 05 2017

Many of us spend a lot of time in our leggings – not just when we’re working out or doing yoga, but when we get in from work, are relaxing at home, or want to dress them up a bit with a nice top. Let’s face it, we put our leggings through their paces, and we expect them to fit well, offer extreme comfort, last a long time and, perhaps most importantly, look good!

We’re pretty proud of our leggings and were delighted to see that our own Gossypium designs met US Good Housekeeping’s style director, Lori Bergamotto’s criteria for choosing the best pair of leggings.

Our dedicated team of Gossypium Ambassadors test all of our products before we launch them. Our leggings have been tested in all sorts of places from the yoga mat to the running track and back to the sofa. Our Ambassadors testify that this is where our leggings perform as well as the top brands:

  • Moisture-wicking - Our unique fabric is breathable, absorbent and hypo-allergenic. A blend of 100% organic cotton (no harmful chemicals leaching into skin when you’re sweating in it) and CO2 neutral beechwood fibre with added Lycra, it feels soft and comfortable however hot you get.
  • Opacity test – This is basically how see-through (or not) your leggings are. All our Gossypium leggings pass the knee-test (bending your knee tightly: if you can see through it at all it’s a sign that they’re not fully opaque) with flying colours. We never make a see-through pair!
  • Gusset – The advice is to opt for a gusset as a sign of quality and good fit. Our Gossypium leggings feature a gusset as part of their long-lasting design.
  • Stretch Recovery – Our signature fabric is knitted with 12% Lycra which provides the four-way stretch our leggings are famous for. And after a year of consultation and testing, we designed the fabric to never bag at the knee.
  • Waistband stays in place – We pride ourselves on our Gossypium waistbands, and it’s one of the reasons our customers only ever buy our leggings. We’ve designed them with the knowledge that every body is beautifully unique, so whether you opt for the high waistband, or the fold-over, you feel supported and held around the stomach and hips.
  • Get the leg length right – All Gossypium leggings are fully customisable so YOU get to choose the leg length. Whether you’re tall or small, we want your leggings to fit perfectly, and we’re pretty unique in giving you the option to have your leggings hand-made for you.

The winner of the US Good Housekeeping leggings test was a pair of leggings from a US retail giant renowned for its discount clothing– it sells shirts for as little as $2. Cheap factory-made clothing of this kind is one of the biggest employers of slave and child labour in the world. In their quest to get a deal, customers often forget that behind cheap fashion lies human suffering.

That’s where purchasing a pair of Gossypium leggings is different – we offer affordable, ethical, long-lasting, hand-made clothes that are completely sweat-shop free. In fact, every pair of leggings is hand-made from scratch here in our UK workshop.

So you get all the benefits of the top brands, along with a clean conscience and the sense that you are personally contributing to a better, more ethical future. What’s not to like?