The Most ethical Sportswear company....

Written by thomas petit on September 02 2016

Gossypium obtained the best rating and tops the table of the ethical consumer Sportswear guide published this month along with a few really nice independent brands.

Does that mean that we are the most ethical sportswear brand ?

The reality is that most sportswear brands are owned by large multinational, manufacturing their products in countries where labour is cheap and using man made fibres as their raw material. 

Altogether it's a lethal cocktail one that is not easy to purify.

The reality also is that sportswear profits are driven by inspirational marketing. The dream to be an Olympian, to climb Everest, to do yoga on a beach in Thailand.

That smoke screen would be acceptable if only the products had the same values of purity and sustainability as their marketing.

I acknowledge we are in a world driven by consumerism but refuse to accept that this has to be done in a way that destroys people and ressources.

The world is changing, influenced by social media and building on communities this smoke screen could be blown away anytime

Consumers are more aware educated and don't have to keep coming back.

I know a lot of customers are like me and this is why I started Gossypium. My ambition has always been to offer a positive alternative, to find solutions.

Being a textile engineer, I knew that natural fibre such as organic cotton could be blended with stretch fibres to mechanically produce fabric and then garments that serve the needs of most sports.

I also knew that those products could be made in the UK, providing local employment and building on the strong British values and knowledge of making quality clothes.

So at Gossypium we stand strong with those values, offering a positive alternative, one that is not an illusion and working hard on producing better garments each time.

We accept that we are a very small brand and far from perfect but today we enjoy being recognised as the most ethical sportswear brand .

Thank you Ethical Consumer for supporting us.

Thomas Petit 



A man in suit once told me that it was easier for a small business to be ethical and went on to proving that small business had a small footprint anyway due to their small size.

I agree our impact is minimal but then I don’t measure footprint, I'm not an elephant. 

Actually on the scale of things we are more like a microbe than an elephant working like a vaccine from the inside and slowly changing things for the better.

The only thing small and large business do together is business but then nothing changes just the scale of things, the purity that an ethical brand could bring just gets diluted.

This nearly killed us once so today I would only consider long term partnerships were the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

A partnership were fairness, ethics, authenticity, creativity are valued.

I believe that ethical brands can also work like a vaccine for large organisation working discreetly from the inside, changing and protecting the core.

Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much.