The Most Beautiful Acro Yoga Flow in the World

Written by thomas petit on June 14 2018

Eugene Vegan Butcher and Pip Elysium Founders of AcroYogaDance demonstrate a beautiful flow, inspiration possibly for any level, but suitable for those who have been practicing AcroYoga with good foundations.
Create your dream and make your AcroYogaDance a reality.

Join their family, express the dance in your heart and create something beautiful.

The new AcroYogaDance syllabus is designed to teach and develop acroyoga skills, ability and creativity in a fun and effective way through a structured, progressive syllabus.

Once you have developed strong foundations you explore and develop your creativity and choreography of the practice, the dance.

More than 2 years in the making the new AYD syllabus is designed to develop your skills, ability and creativity in a fun, strategic and effective way.

You can learn step by step at your pace from beginner to advanced with our online tutorials.

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It might just revolutionise the way you learn, practice and create.

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