Written by Lucy Cunningham on May 17 2018

What kind of traveller are you? If you’ve printed out all the itineraries, researched every stop and packed your bag weeks in advance, you’re most likely a Planner type. Or perhaps you’re a Spontaneous type – you feel trapped by too much preparation and prefer to see who you meet along the way and where the wind takes you.

Whichever sounds most like you - and most of us are a mix of the two - a good travel wardrobe will ensure you’re ready for every adventure, planned or not. Let's face it, everyone loves easy holiday packing!

What are the most important criteria for a travel wardrobe?

  1. Lightweight – the lighter your travel wardrobe the better, whether you’re going somewhere hot or not. Cool, flowing fabrics make the stickiest of journeys bearable and are equally at home in the dusty backstreets of Marrakech to the beaches of Koh Samui. Lovely lightweight fabrics double up as loungewear and yoga clothes, so you can flow easily into a yoga sequence and back into relaxing on your hammock. A lightweight travel wardrobe comes into its own when you can take your backpack as hand luggage and beat the queues at Arrivals.
  2. Compact – seasoned travellers know that you want every item in your travel wardrobe to work hard for you. It’s no good taking a whole load of clothes just in case, if you end up not wearing them - especially if you want to travel light. The best clothes are those you can fold up small and pack easily…which leads us on to:
  3. Can dress up or down – a good travel wardrobe contains items that can be dressed up with some jewellery or dressed down with a pair of leggings or a vest. Part of your travel wardrobe working hard for you is that every item has several “wears” in it – a pair of lightweight harem trousers go from loungewear to elegant with the addition of a pretty necklace and a nice jacket. A loose floaty top is smartened up with skinny jeans.
  4. Comfortable - you want to rely on your clothes to be like good friends, firm favourites you turn to again and again. When you're bouncing around on an old bus in the mountains or trying to relax on a long haul flight, comfort is of the essence. A soft flexible waistband that doesn't cut in but instead provides soft and flattering support, is vital for an awesome pair of travelling trousers.
  5. Durable fabric and crafted to last – cheap clothes often come apart on the road. After all, they’re designed to fall apart so you have to buy more! A travel wardrobe needs items that are made of durable, long-lasting fabric and crafted to last. However lightweight the fabric is, you want to know the craftsmanship that’s gone into every seam will see you through one adventure after another.
  6. Breathable – when your skin is acclimatising to new temperatures, you want to know your travel wardrobe can keep up. Synthetic fabrics can cause skin irritation in hot temperatures, not to mention are an ethical nightmare when it comes to washing. The best fabrics are natural and breathable, kind to your skin and to the planet. Organic cotton is naturally hypo-allergenic as it hasn’t been treated with any pesticides, and beechwood fibre captures the silky, cool breathability of bamboo without the environmental complications.
  7. Sustainable – if you like traveling, chances are you love our beautiful planet. That means being a conscious consumer and choosing travel clothes that are easy on the environment and that have been made with care without human suffering. Beautiful clothing that is crafted to last allows you to enjoy your holiday with a clean conscience.

 natural organic travel clothes


  • A super soft pair of harem pants – for lounging on the beach, covering up in midday sun (or in locations where it’s expected), pyjama-wear, long journeys, yoga retreats, featuring soft fold over waistband for ultimate comfort…
  • A cool vest – can be dressed up or down, transitions from yogawear to beach cover up. Style it up with open sides and a pretty contrasting sports bra.
  • Long-sleeved relaxation top – soft and comfortable, perfect for cooler evenings, yoga and for hotel relaxation.
  • Short-sleeved relaxation top – silky and lightweight, this works in a myriad of ways: as a cooler yoga top, a vital piece of loungewear and as a simple and classic evening top.
  • Cosy lounging trousers – when you’re travelling from one place to another, a reliable pair of comfortable trousers with a supportive and soft fold over waistband that doesn't cut in, become firm favourites. Super comfy for chilling and meditation too.

Photo credit: Jérémie Crémer