Super soft meditation clothing…what to wear for meditation

Written by Lucy Cunningham on June 28 2018

If you’ve discovered the benefits of yoga, chances are you’ll have come across meditation. Perhaps at the end of your class, you’re invited to sit, focus on your breathing and quieten your mind. Or maybe meditation is already part of your everyday life and you know what a life-changing practice it can be. 

What is meditation?

For those who are new to meditation, the basic premise is to “tame the mind” in order to experience deep peace and inner stillness. So, meditation is a practice – like a muscle that requires training, we train our minds to become fully focused on stillness and learn to let go of the “mind chatter”: the worries, anxieties and random thoughts that distract us.

At first this can take a great deal of effort and we find that we can manage to experience the peace of meditation for a few moments. Over time, we find that we enter a state of meditation more easily. Then we begin to experience the numerous benefits, including better focus, cognition and creativity – meditation has been shown to change brain function from the very first time you practice it – happiness, wellbeing, ability to feel empathy, less feelings of stress, overwhelm, anxiety…the list of life-changing benefits is endless. You can read some more about the brain benefits here

Try it out

The best way to find out is to try it – author Leo Barbauta writes on his Zen Habits blog that 2 minutes is a great starting point. Once you have developed a 2 minute meditation habit, you can then increase the timing at a pace that feels right for you. You don’t have to sit down to meditate either – singing, walking, creating something can all be acts of meditation.

Your special time

Part of our thinking when we designed the Loungewear Collection was to create soft, functional clothing perfect for meditation. Once you have a regular meditation practice in place, it can be nice to create small, sacred rituals around it. You don’t have to do this, of course! The wonderful thing about meditation is that it can be done anywhere, at any time. So you can be wearing your jeans and meditate on the bus.

But perhaps you begin to set aside a time each day devoted to meditation – ten minutes at the start or end of your day, for instance. You get a meditation cushion that allows you to sit that bit longer in comfort. You may have brought a few items to your meditation space: a candle, a photo of something you feel gratitude for, mala beads etc. And you want clothes that give you the space to breathe freely and deeply. Soft clothes that provide ease and comfort.

The gift of a comfortable waistband

Our Loungewear Collection is hand-crafted here in our UK workshop from lightweight natural fabrics: our signature blend of 100% organic cotton and silky soft beechwood fibre. This means our clothes move with your body and contain a small amount of Lycra to enable them to stretch back into shape. Here at Gossypium we are famous for our oh-so-comfortable waistbands – our Loungewear Collection Relax Trousers merge the comfort of our fold-over waistband with the practicality of a drawstring so you can adjust them to the right height for you. All of our Loungewear Collection tops are designed to be free-flowing, allowing you to sit, lie, or move with ease, without uncomfortable seams or tops you have to keep pulling down for coverage.

Cool, relaxed clothing

To cultivate a happy meditation habit, it helps to eliminate the distractions that prevent you entering into a relaxed state of mind. Clothing that is itchy, feels tight or restrictive or is too hot or cold, can be an irritation. Sure, you can meditate your way through those feelings, but we feel it’s helpful to have comfortable clothes that feel good on the outside so that you can get on with your inner work.

We hope you enjoy your meditation clothing – made with love by us for you.