Putting Gossypium clothes through their paces with AcroYogaDance

Written by Lucy Cunningham on August 30 2018

Over the many years we have been making yoga and activewear clothes, we’ve had the opportunity to meet plenty of inspiring people. Our fantastic team of Gossypium Ambassadors is full of great people doing great things, from yoga teachers to meditation practitioners, healers and therapists. We love crafting clothes that meet their high standards in terms of ethics and performance, and it’s always a joy to see the clothes we make in action.

When it comes to reaching for our dreams and believing we can achieve something magical, some people really do possess the gift of inspiration. Eugene Vegan Butcher and Pip Elysium, the balletic duo who founded AcroYogaDance, have been putting Gossypium clothing through its paces for years now, from the front cover of Yoga magazine to breath-taking yoga in landmark locations. We were delighted to team up with them for this latest video, showing the meditative movements of AcroYogaDance and beautiful connected partner-work it entails.

Featuring some of Gossypium’s latest Loungewear Collection (Pip is wearing our Flow Yoga Vest) and firm favourites such as our Men’s Yoga Shorts and Tank Vest, Women’s Sports Vest and Curve Waist Leggings, you can see the strength and stretch of our Gossypium signature fabrics – 100% ethical with organic cotton and soft beechwood fibre. We’re super proud to see our clothes in action!

Pip and Eugene perform their unique AcroYogaDance around the world and also share the wonder of this beautiful, meditative practice through their teaching. If this video has got you fired up with a desire to have a go, Pip and Eugene offer workshops from absolute beginners. They also have a year-long programme if you want to develop further – occasionally they have an opening so you can sign up to their waiting list here.

Do you dream of creating something harmonious and elegant with a partner? Moving with awareness of your body in flowing sequence? AcroYogaDance is a moving meditation, a chance to take your practice deeper and enjoy the magic of co-creating.

Part of our ethos has always been to create yoga clothing that is not only ethically sound but also holds up to serious practice. So we’re really pleased to be a part of Pip and Eugene’s awe-inspiring work – check out their videos for some breath-taking yoga (and great clothes!).