Fashion Revolution - #whomademyclothes

Written by thomas petit on April 15 2016

Next week on the 24th of April, it will mark the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. Over the last two years, Fashion Revolution has held days to honour the lives lost or damaged in what was one of the largest garment factory accidents. This year, from the 18th to the 24th of April, it was decided that there will be a Fashion Revolution Week.

The goals of the Fashion Revolution is to “bring everyone in the fashion value chain together and help raise awareness of the cost of fashion, show that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future”

At Gossypium, we are committed to crafting our yoga wear one piece at a time, using only carefully selected natural & organic materials. We want to reduce the consumptions of clothing to what is only necessary and this starting with our own brand.

Few brand manufacture for themselves and too few consumers understand the work involved in making a products.

Most brands would reply on oversea supplier,from whom they will buy seasonally in quite large volume.

The size and value of their order will ultimately be based on a financial forecast capitalizing on cheap product costs to fund their risk of not being to sell those clothes quick enough and at the right price.

Too few people profit from this large unsustainable model and ultimately it is not in the interest of consumers that it continues. Consumers are looking at a balance of design, affordability and quality and as a society we should not encourage the production of goods that have no use.

 The fashion revolution needs to take place firstly with the consumers, in revolting about this unsustainable model and questioning their buying habits. 

Ultimately most of us need to consume less, forcing brands to take a responsible approach to manufacturing.

At Gossypium,­ we make each piece individually to the exact specification of our customer. We respond to a demand and we as a company are refusing to fill our shelves with what people might not want.

We strongly believe that all clothing should be made locally in an ethical and sustainable manner, providing employment and focusing on quality over quantity.

The lifestyle that yoga promotes is about principles of good ethics and spirituality that leads to self improvement and freedom. At Gossypium, we feel that yoga clothing should be an extension of this lifestyle. That is why we produce high quality yoga wear that is made with only the finest Organic Cotton.

To get involved with the Fashion Revolution Movement, go check out their website here. Next week, Fashion Revolution will be calling for you, the consumers, to ask fashion brands #whomademyclothes to discover the real people throughout the supply chains. Over the past years, tens of thousands of people have got involved; let’s get more people involved this year.